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Luma Foundation

Arles (13), France

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Project description

This 9-storey project, designed by Frank Gehry, with exhibition spaces, rooms for the living archive program, a library, seminar spaces and a café, will become the new emblem of photography.

With its glass rotunda, the stainless steel blocks that adorn the tower, this building will mark the entrance of a public park of six hectares because the Luma Foundation is also a place of shows, exhibitions or residences, like the General Mechanic, the Grande Halle or the Formation. Not forgetting the Cuisine des Forges and the Refectory, two restaurants led by the Camargue chef Armand Arnal.

Project information


Arles (13), France


Fondation Luma


Frank Gehry


Vinci Construction France




2014 – 2018

  • Closed and covered synthesis, architectural synthesis and technical synthesis
  • BIM Management and subsidiary protocols
  • BIM Coordination
  • Creation of BIM charters for the modeling, the implementation of the exchange process and the validation of the works
  • 3D modelization, any state body
  • Modelization of manufacture starting from the 3D model: concrete, plaster, precast, waterproofing
  • Optimization of surfaces
  • Control and verification of evolutions of project
  • Training of the stakeholder in the BIM


“I had two main concerns with this project, that it does not get delayed as the projects of the foundations often are and that it absolutely keeps an ecological conscience; that is to say, a close relationship with its environment!”

– Maja Hoffmann, Collector and Patron

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