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BIM Training

As BIM is a recent collaborative approach, awareness and training of players is a key aspect. For this reason, MBAcity has integrated a training component into its service offering with two distinct approaches:

  • Raising stakeholder awareness of BIM and its current applications: introduction, definition, feedback and use of simple BIM viewer
  • Professionalization of actors in the use of BIM manipulation tools and software-based modelization

MBAcity offers 4 types of training:

Our training courses are adapted to the needs and specificities of each customer, be it the Project Management, the Project Managers, the Companies and Manufacturers, the Construction Managers or the Property Managers.

Our expertise is recognized by industry professionals. In addition, we contribute as trainers to major institutions such as ESTP Paris, the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussés in Paris and the SIA in Switzerland.

Our achievements

The Vuitton and LUMA Foundations as well as the Expolink 2020 project are examples of projects where employees have been trained in BIM.

You can learn more about all projects on our Achievements page.

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