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BIM Modeling

BIM Modeling involves drawing an object in 3D, then filling in the attributes, i.e. the information and constraints associated with this object, and finally integrating it into a model or digital model in a coherent and intelligent way, respecting the organization of the information of this model.

Modeling involves knowing how to export an object in the appropriate format or conversely to import it with a minimum of information loss and to facilitate the reconstitution work.
BIM modeling is directly related to the software used. It is therefore essential to define the format and the tool desired by the client before even beginning to model the objects in a project. Note that depending on the type of structure and object, the details and types of information contained in the modeling must be adapted.

For example, modeling a table consists of:

  • Draw the table in 3D: height, thickness, width
  • Parameter: nature of the materials, meaning, cost, assembly book, maintenance booklet, environmental impact, etc.
  • Add any technical constraints: tolerable weight limit, reaction to fire, durability over time, etc.
  • Insert in a digital model: the table is placed on a tile itself located above a sub-floor that covers a concrete slab located at R + 1 of the projected structure

Our realizations

Sporting d’Hiver Monaco, the U Arena of Nanterre and the Ajaccio Hospital are the best examples of our mastery of BIM Modeling.

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