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BIM Expertise

Since 2001, MBAcity has been applying the BIM approach to all of its customers’ projects. Having faced many problems and challenges during missions, MBAcity has enriched the scope of the BIM in a variety of missions, scales of intervention and coordination, geometric detail levels and information qualification of objects.

For more clarity, these fields have been grouped into different sets that constitute what we call today “BIM Expertise”, i.e., the variations of the BIM approach. With each area of BIM expertise, we combine specific skills, functions, responsibilities, and boundaries, which we rely on to meet the challenges of our customers.

With a view to homogenization with all BIM stakeholders, the naming of some of these types of expertise is naturally based on those already in widespread use in BIM practices. Nevertheless, since the BIM approach is a recent development in the construction of building and infrastructures, the definition of these various types of expertise change significantly according to the interlocutors.

MBAcity outlines its expertise in the service of buildings, cities and infrastructures, and in different areas of application :

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