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BIM Data

BIM data relies on the operation of organized, coordinated, verified and stored BIM information and the database system to seamlessly access and filter information according to the user.

The data of a property, an infrastructure or a territory can be generated as part of a project by survey using a laser scanner or through a BIM modeling based on existing plans. The totality of these data make up the BIM data.

As part of our BIM services we offer you:

  • A strategy plan for the reconstitution of data with an analysis of the most suitable technologies
  • Diagnostic of existing data
  • Support for the implementation of the long-term BIM data management process
  • Recovery and analysis of BIM data
  • Integration and BIM data modeling to generate a first workload
  • Updating the BIM legacy database
  • Extracting BIM data for the creation of tracking and traceability spreadsheets
  • Integration into Data Management Platforms

Our achievements

Expolink 2020, Ajaccio Hospital or Vert Mantes are just a few examples of our expertise in Data BIM.

Do not hesitate to review all our achievements!

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