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BIM coordination

BIM Coordination is an expertise related to the BIM harmonization stage. In terms of the Coordination practiced in the building, the goal is to develop the technical analysis of the BIM teams during the management of the model over time.

More than giving a conflict reporting as expected in a classic BIM management mission case, the BIM Coordination entails giving a gross and fine vision of the progress of the project, alerting about potential drifts, prioritizing the identified technical problems and to challenge the designers to find the adequate solutions as well as to follow them until their validation and application in the model.

It derives from this expertise precise reports with a reading of the risks by level of criticality as well as a strong conflict management. The latter are also classified in order of complexity, impact and category of which here are some examples:

  • Geometric conflict: when objects are interacting when they have no place to be. Example: a network that passes through a supporting structure or a catenary that touches the arch of an attribute
  • Conflict tunnel: when a type of information is repeated in another category. Example: a duplicate type of material on a wall
  • Link conflict: when an object is supposed to be superimposed on another but isn’t, creating an unjustified empty space. Example: a rail that does not touch a crossing

Our achievements

Santiago Airport, La Samaritaine and the LUMA Foundation are good examples of our expertise in BIM Coordination.

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